Transforming online reviews.

Brands promote thousands of 5* reviews, but are these reliable?

Whilst thousands of seemingly positive reviews can be seen as a good thing, and it can, it can also be seriously misleading for consumers to rely on them.

What are customers experiencing now?, last week?, this month?. Reviews from years ago are often meaningless.

We are all unique, and our needs can often be as unique as us. Online reviews need to address the specific needs that customers buying products, need to know about.

That’s where SUPATRUST is different to any other reviews website online.

We gather reviews

We crawl the internet for genuine customer reviews of products & brands we identify as needing the SUPATRUST treatment.

We collect this information from publicly available and well known brand name sources.

We extract the key information we need to conduct our analysis and provide consumers with the insights and knowledge that matters most to them.

Reviews Websites

Large online ecommerce websites

Social media posts & comments

Hundreds of thousands of reviews every month

We analyse them for what’s important to you.

We drill down into the many thousands of genuine customer reviews to uncover the key issues customers care about.

Using AI we group these reviews into the core topics that are important for the specific type of product. Then we apply sophisticated sentiment analysis to discover how customers feel about these core topics.

Thousands of reviews analysed for core topics

Reviews are bucketed into core topics

We make sure to focus on what really matters

Powerful AI models analyse all the data

We publish our findings

Once we’ve conducted our research into a product, industry and brands, we package it up in a simple to understand format, and publish it.

We then publicise & syndicate this work to help consumers make better purchasing decisions. This means we save consumers huge amounts of time & money.

By focusing on the core topics that really matter to consumers (depending on product/industry), we unlock insights from many thousands of customers on the core topics that are so important to their needs.

We make our findings easy to understand

We rank products & brands based on data

Save time & money with better decisions

We don’t favour any brands, just insights

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